The Mindful Living Project

Personal Development Webinar Series with John Bond

Third Wednesdays* at 7:30p Eastern Time
February to June 2019
*June date is the fourth Wednesday

Webinars, Insights & Fun!

The Mindful Living Project is a series of personal development webinars designed to help you make minor adjustments that can make a huge difference. Grab a glass of wine, coffee... whatever... and join us!

Successful goal setting is easy when everything is going your way. Join John as he explores the power grabbers that undermine success. Learn a simple trick that stops the madness because life doesn’t have to be like herding cats!

You have a clear vision and a plan for the life you want…Great! Join John as he explores what to do when “life happens” and other people’s priorities try to get in the way.

It’s easy to get caught up in everything on your plate. Join John as he explores how to set and maintain healthy boundaries so you can enjoy the journey. Self-care isn’t self-ish!

Life is meant to be full of experiences. Join John as he explores what causes people to play small or disengage. Play life on YOUR terms and experience what you love most!

People often save happiness for the future. Join John as he explores strategies to make today the “best day ever!”


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