Our Approach: Our programs use an engaging, hands-on approach that integrates core concepts with practical application. To assure sustainability and high levels of proficiency, we offer classroom instruction, virtual extended learning options, and coaching support. The following is a partial list of programs that can be tailored to your group or organization:

  • Unleashing Mindfulness in Leadership
  • Finding Fulfillment: Aligning Passion, Purpose & Action
  • Relationships: Bring the Best YOU
  • Dynamic Leadership
    • The Seven Levels of Leadership
    • Dynamic Communication
    • Removing Barriers to Success
    • Leadership Strengths & Gaps
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Influencing Others
    • Change & Conflict Management
    • Decision-Making & the Productivity Cycle 
    • Creating Positive Teams & Enhancing Relationships
    • Time Management & Balance

Webinar Short-Topics

  • The Power of Perception
  • Reclaiming Your Life: Self-Care Isn't Selfish
  • Creating Engaging Workshops & Presentations
  • Business Development: From Niche to Revenue Streams
  • Unleashed! Webinar Series
    • Mindset: STOP IT!
    • Life: It's All About Me
    • Relationships: By Design, Not On the Fly
    • Career: From Clocked-In to All In
    • Leadership: How You Do Anything...
    • Release: Want Some Choice With That Whine?

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