Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

gratitude happiness Oct 06, 2018

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9-11, gratitude was one of the most frequently expressed emotions in America. Why was that? Because times of crisis often call out of people their better angels, their higher selves. The Roman philosopher Cicero called gratitude the queen of all virtues. That seems an apt description: Virtue met vice in the wake of those horrific attacks.

But did you know that gratitude can make you happier? There’s been lots of research into the benefits of adopting an “attitude of gratitude” over the past two decades. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of the book “The How of Happiness” lists eight of them in this blog post. Even her first three are compelling: grateful thinking helps you savor life; it bolsters self-esteem and self worth; and it helps you cope with stress and trauma. 

A psychology professor who has been at the forefront of gratitude research, Robert Emmons, says the evidence is mounting of the psychological,...

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