Who Do You Think you Are?

Much more important than the expectations and opinions of others is understanding who you are. This is not about what your name is, what your job is or what your roles are in relationship to others. This is about being willing to look at yourself objectively, determine that you have value, and take a look at what your purpose is in life. This is about coming to terms with who you are—not who others think you are.

When you discover who you are, you can find freedom from the constraints of others’ opinions and expectations. You can discover wisdom that helps you make decisions on how to move forward. And you can experience less inner conflict as your actions match up more effectively with your identity.

But how can you find out exactly who you are?

Well, the simplest way is by walking down the path of self-reflection. For some people, this may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Many people avoid self-reflection because looking in that proverbial mirror might...

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Let the Loudest Voice You Hear Come from Passion, Purpose & Vision

Voices in our world today come in all shapes and sizes—and volumes. And the loud ones? Well, those certainly aren’t always the best ones! In fact, the loudest voices that you hear may be working against you and stealing away a great deal of your joy. Making conscious choices about what we choose to hear and do can change everything about the way we live our lives.

Where Do Loud Voices Come From?

Loud voices often come from the bullies in the room. Those people who have to rely on sheer volume in order to be heard may not actually be worth listening to! Maybe the loudest voices you are listening to come from famous or rich people from the internet or in your personal life. Loud voices may not even originate from an individual but from cultural norms and expectations and messages that you have believed.

Loud voices can also come from inside ourselves. These internal voices often originate in childhood—many times as a form self-protection or an attempt to act as a...

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Heeding the Advice of Others

It doesn’t take much more than a slight change of circumstances in your life—or a major crisis—before voices from far and near begin telling you what they think you should do. Usually in an effort to be helpful, people you know (or random strangers on the street) are all-too-eager to dish out guidance, instructions and recommendations.

Maybe it’s something big like changing jobs or sending your kid to college, or something smaller like redecorating your kitchen. As soon as word gets out that something is changing in your life, the advice starts flowing.

In many instances, the advice includes what others define as "success" and include the things that make them happy. It also includes what they think is possible, achievable and can include their own fears and limitations.

However, too much advice ringing in your ear can become noisy and confusing. Of course, you want to take the good advice and leave the rest behind. But how can you know the difference?


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Aim High & Start Where You Are

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
–Tony Robbins

We all have dreams that we want to accomplish. Whether yours are along the lines of starting a business, losing weight, or learning how to juggle bowling pins, making your dreams into reality starts with many small steps in the right direction.

Aim High!

The beauty of dreams is that they come along with limitless possibilities. When you dream, you can fly. You can conquer the world! When you’re functioning in visionary mode, the sky’s the limit. Dream big. Aim high. Go for broke!

Setting those dreams into motion to become a reality, however, requires some feet-on-the-ground thinking. Honing your dreams into visions and attainable goals requires living in a bit more reality. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to fly (just ask the Wright brothers), but it does mean you need to begin from where you are—with your feet firmly planted on the ground.


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Kick Your Inner Critic to the Curb!

confidence self-care Apr 20, 2019

Do you hear voices inside your head? If so, you’re not alone! In fact, almost everyone does. Not necessarily the kind of voices that are audible, but most people have a dialogue inside their heads.

Call it a gremlin. Call it an internal monologue. Call it the remaining influence of an overbearing mother-figure. Whatever you want to call it, it’s your inner voice. 

Your inner voice has the power to be helpful and useful. It doesn’t have to fill you with fear, stress, or hesitation. It can guide you in decisions. It can encourage you to go to that job interview. Your inner voice can even remind you to enjoy life, even when you’re wanting to eat healthier but really want to choose the greasy French fries instead of the salad… “just this one time.” After all, life is too short to suck… right?

When the inner dialogue says you aren’t enough, not worthy, or lack value, the self-criticism can become an irritant that could steal...

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4 Tips to Release the Hold of Fear and Doubt

confidence self-care Jan 12, 2019

You want more than just the status quo from your life. So much more than just the bare minimum is available to you! You would love to reconnect with your passions, strengthen your relationships, develop you career, improve productivity and find a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life. 

  • But do you even dare to hope that those good things are possible
  • When you let yourself dream about having/doing more, does a little doubtful voice start creeping in to tell you that you don’t deserve it or will never attain it?

Now is the time to silence that voice of doubt and insecurity. It’s time to overcome those fears that are keeping you from your goals and dreams. In order to accomplish anything, you first need to believe that you can. When you dispel the myth that you aren’t “good enough” or you don’t “measure up”, then you’ll make a start toward clearing away the debris of doubt that is cluttering up your path toward success.


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What's Your Superpower?

confidence Nov 10, 2018

We all have gifts, talents and strengths, but do you know what yours are? Until you identify your special “powers,” you may be spinning wheels, letting fear of failure or inadequacy sabotage your plans.

Everyone has times of self-doubt, when the inner critic makes it difficult to see clearly. The first step to overcoming this is to become aware of it. Is your motivation based on fear or is it based on a conscious decision about how you want to live your life?

Here are some other steps toward identifying your super powers:

Name your special abilities. We are born with gifts and talents, and some of them are easy to recognize from an early age. What do you love to do and what do you do well? Strengths are something we develop, often because they are where our passion lies. Knowing your strengths is a big part of self-awareness.

 Identify your values. What actions or beliefs matter to you? What would give you a sense of purpose? What are you most passionate about? What...

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The Magic of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

confidence leadership Sep 29, 2018

Think back to a time you felt truly excited, happy, exhilarated and proud of yourself. What actions left you feeling fulfilled like this?

Chances are, it was the result of accomplishing something new, trying something different, or pushing yourself outside of the boundaries you normally set for yourself. Big moments we remember fondly often started as something we were nervous about or even downright scared to do. But we did them — and afterwards we felt great about it.

If you’ve been in the same position or industry for some time, you likely have developed and honed a certain set of skills. That’s why at any stage of your career it’s a great idea to learn to branch out. Take a class on a subject that’s not your area of expertise. Learn a new skill. Volunteer to lead an effort at your company that will require you to think in new ways. Lead in new way.

Comfort zones are an important part of life. They keep us from engaging in reckless and...

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Own Your Confidence!

confidence Sep 08, 2018

Successful people appear to have confidence in spades. Some seem to be born with it; others have to work at it; but we all want it. This year, why not set a goal to become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Here are five ways to get you started on the path to having more confidence:

Give credit to your strengths.When you have success, write it down, tell a friend or reward yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to broadcast it to everyone, but giving yourself credit where credit is due will go a long way to boosting self-esteem. Apply these strengths in the workplace and in your relationships. 

Be daring. Instead of looking for reasons notto try new things, challenge yourself. Trying something new can bring out previously undiscovered talents. You may find a yourself with a new hobby, interesting friends, or a new favorite place to eat.

Get healthier. Find something that makes you feel healthy. This doesn’t mean getting ripped, running a marathon,...

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Making a Good Impression Isn't a One-Time Effort

confidence leadership Sep 01, 2018

What do people think about when they hear your name? It’s an important question, especially if you are a business professional trying to create a positive and quality personal brand for yourself.

Are you known for an open mind and a courageous spirit? Do people think of you when they need a helping hand? Do you have a reputation for grace under pressure? Are you known for being kind? Over time, your inner self will be revealed to others through your actions.

Making a good impression is not a one-time effort. It’s a series of large and small decisions that over time form a picture of who you really are. It’s about what you do over weeks, months and years. It’s how you act when you think no one is noticing. It’s about how you treat others that you work with. When a colleague received the promotion you wanted, did you graciously congratulate them or did you avoid them? Do you treat the office secretary and intern like you would like to be treated?


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