Habits: Out With the Old and In With the New

change habits Oct 13, 2018

Do you find it hard to take a long drive without buying a Hershey’s bar? Can’t get through an evening without pouring a glass of wine? Does your habit of negative self-talk sabotage new friendships, new exercise routines?

Habits hold an awesome sway over our lives, for good and for bad. We are, as the old saying goes, creatures of habit. But it is not impossible to change. We can get rid of bad habits and create new, healthier ones.

Here are a few tips from the series and from other experts: 

  • Give some thought to why you behave as you do.Our habits are based on experiences we’ve had from childhood on into adulthood. Understanding the filters through which we experience life provides insight that’s helpful when we’re trying to change.

  • Set a big goal but use small steps. Your overarching goal for changing a specific behavior will be a powerful motivator. But you’ll never reach it if you don’t break it down into concrete, small steps...
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Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

gratitude happiness Oct 06, 2018

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9-11, gratitude was one of the most frequently expressed emotions in America. Why was that? Because times of crisis often call out of people their better angels, their higher selves. The Roman philosopher Cicero called gratitude the queen of all virtues. That seems an apt description: Virtue met vice in the wake of those horrific attacks.

But did you know that gratitude can make you happier? There’s been lots of research into the benefits of adopting an “attitude of gratitude” over the past two decades. Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of the book “The How of Happiness” lists eight of them in this blog post. Even her first three are compelling: grateful thinking helps you savor life; it bolsters self-esteem and self worth; and it helps you cope with stress and trauma. 

A psychology professor who has been at the forefront of gratitude research, Robert Emmons, says the evidence is mounting of the psychological,...

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The Magic of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

confidence leadership Sep 29, 2018

Think back to a time you felt truly excited, happy, exhilarated and proud of yourself. What actions left you feeling fulfilled like this?

Chances are, it was the result of accomplishing something new, trying something different, or pushing yourself outside of the boundaries you normally set for yourself. Big moments we remember fondly often started as something we were nervous about or even downright scared to do. But we did them — and afterwards we felt great about it.

If you’ve been in the same position or industry for some time, you likely have developed and honed a certain set of skills. That’s why at any stage of your career it’s a great idea to learn to branch out. Take a class on a subject that’s not your area of expertise. Learn a new skill. Volunteer to lead an effort at your company that will require you to think in new ways. Lead in new way.

Comfort zones are an important part of life. They keep us from engaging in reckless and...

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Vacation is Good for You and Those You Lead

leadership self-care Sep 22, 2018

Your leadership sets a high bar for those on your team. Your drive to excel and your strong work ethic are an inspiration. That’s why you need to make sure you unplug and take a real vacation.

 That’s right. You must encourage those you lead to take their vacation time by first taking a real vacation yourself. This will demonstrate that vacations are good for managers, good for employees and good for organizations.

Research shows that 57 percent of Americans don’t take all their vacation time each year. Another troubling statistic: An estimated 60 percent of people do some amount of work while on vacation. And at some organizations, it’s a badge of honor to take as little time off as possible.

Yet the benefits of taking a break and stepping away from work are indisputable and two-fold: You return feeling renewed, with the energy and hunger to dive into new projects. Your team members drive your success, so you must encourage them to take...

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Take a Break: Why Getting Away is Good for You!

self-care Sep 15, 2018

Time is a precious commodity. That’s why you almost feel guilty if you leave your work space and go to lunch. Who has the time for that, anyway?

Well, you do. And if not, you should make some. According to a wide range of studies, not leaving your work space and wolfing down a sandwich at your desk each day can have some serious long-term negative effects on your health. Likewise, getting away from your cubicle during the lunch hour can help you in a number of ways. Here are five reasons why taking a lunch break is so important:

  1. Better health:study shows that for better health, office workers should get up and leave their desk for at least two minutes each hour and if possible, take a longer lunch break away from their work station each day. Even better, get some fresh air.

  2. Less stress: Another study suggests that walking at lunch for as little as 30 minutes a day, three times a week can help you better handle on-the-job stress.

  3. Better posture:Sitting in...
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Own Your Confidence!

confidence Sep 08, 2018

Successful people appear to have confidence in spades. Some seem to be born with it; others have to work at it; but we all want it. This year, why not set a goal to become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Here are five ways to get you started on the path to having more confidence:

Give credit to your strengths.When you have success, write it down, tell a friend or reward yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to broadcast it to everyone, but giving yourself credit where credit is due will go a long way to boosting self-esteem. Apply these strengths in the workplace and in your relationships. 

Be daring. Instead of looking for reasons notto try new things, challenge yourself. Trying something new can bring out previously undiscovered talents. You may find a yourself with a new hobby, interesting friends, or a new favorite place to eat.

Get healthier. Find something that makes you feel healthy. This doesn’t mean getting ripped, running a marathon,...

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Making a Good Impression Isn't a One-Time Effort

confidence leadership Sep 01, 2018

What do people think about when they hear your name? It’s an important question, especially if you are a business professional trying to create a positive and quality personal brand for yourself.

Are you known for an open mind and a courageous spirit? Do people think of you when they need a helping hand? Do you have a reputation for grace under pressure? Are you known for being kind? Over time, your inner self will be revealed to others through your actions.

Making a good impression is not a one-time effort. It’s a series of large and small decisions that over time form a picture of who you really are. It’s about what you do over weeks, months and years. It’s how you act when you think no one is noticing. It’s about how you treat others that you work with. When a colleague received the promotion you wanted, did you graciously congratulate them or did you avoid them? Do you treat the office secretary and intern like you would like to be treated?


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