Turn Your Spark Into a Blaze

If you’re not passionate then you’re wasting your time.

When life feels ho-hum and hum-drum, it is time get out there and stir things up a little bit! Find what excites and inspires you. Figure out the thing you are most passionate about.

The following is a collection of ideas that can help you dig deeper, past the surface of a typical day, and into where your passions could lie. Take a glance at the list in whatever way you like and then try out some of the activities that you connect with. Even if it feels a bit silly or cheesy, go ahead and be vulnerable with yourself. Take a risk to find which spark of inspiration could be the very thing that grows into a huge blaze of passion for you!

Spend more time with art. Get a membership to the art museum. Find an art school in your area and visit their gallery or attend regular shows. Download the DailyArt app that gives you a piece of art to look at each day, complete with a bit of art history as well. 

Listen. Open your ears to classical music, TED talks, inspirational podcasts, meditative sounds, etc. They will stimulate your brain and raise your energy.

Read a biography of someone you respect. Inspiration can often come from a life lived greatly and with passion. While you’re reading, either underline and make notes of the things that might apply to you.

Encourage a stranger. Grab a sticky note and a pen, then dedicate an hour to wandering around a busy place and leaving encouraging notes on car windshields.

Be spontaneous. Doing something out of the ordinary can inspire your brain. Drive home from work a different way. Eat at a different restaurant. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Not only could it stimulate your brain, it might even be fun!

Remove the clutter. It doesn't matter if you are talking about a closet or your mindset. If it doesn't serve you, release it! Fill your mind and house with things that nourish and inspire you.

Get moving. Especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, get up and go outside! Wander in the park. Take a stroll along the river. Go on a nature hike where you collect a list of natural items on a scavenger hunt. Movement does wonders for you physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Journal. Keep track of what you love, the things you dream about, life's experiences, and lessons learned. Not only can journaling inspire, it can provide evidence of your growth.

Be present. Seriously, take time to smell the roses. Take an extended pause to watch the ants working together on that ant hill. Observe children playing on a playground. Take a deeper look at something that you normally take for granted. You might develop an appreciation and connection to everyone and everything around you. As Rosalind Russell once said, "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." Take time to "feast" on life!

Offer forgiveness. Is there someone in your life you’ve been holding something against? Forgive them! If it’s a big thing, maybe you need to write a hand-written letter to let them know that you are offering them forgiveness. Even if that person is no longer living, exercising forgiveness offers freedom as well.

Send a card. Hallmark doesn’t have to have the corner on the market for sentiment. Buy a package of 8-10 blank cards and think about who you could send or give them to as an encouragement or a thank you. Just a note to say you are thinking of them can be uplifting for you and the recipient.

Take up a new hobby. Passion often comes through experience. You’ll never know if you are passionate about art or dance or foreign languages unless you try! Take a class to figure out what you love. If you don’t do well at it, appreciate the experience and move on to something else.

Turn the screens off. Do anything and everything that does not require your face in front of a smartphone, tablet, computer or television. Enjoy the live-and-in-person version of life.

Breathe deeply. No matter what you are doing, more oxygen in your brain means you’ll be better at thinking. So, take a deep breath and enjoy your life a little bit more as you seek inspiration!

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