Age Doesn't Determine Success!

goal setting mindset Jan 26, 2019

Learn to Think (and Act) Like a Millionaire

After hearing about a young person who became a millionaire by the age of 22, all kinds of thoughts may enter your mind. Or that story about Kylie Jenner on the threshold of becoming the youngest-ever-billionaire? Well, she’s certainly living up to her potential and more!

Becoming a millionaire (or billionaire) by the age of 22 would be an amazing feat. However, while it’s not ideal to focus on impossibilities, this is something that is rather unlikely for most of us. Because, if you’re reading this then, ahem, 22 probably happened awhile back.

But just because you might be a bit more mature than these money-making youths, doesn’t mean you can’t take millionaire advice and head in the right direction.   

  • Forget Your Age. Negative self-talk can happen at any age. While twenty-somethings may believe they are too young to be successful, mature adults can be just as self-sabotaging by believing their ship has already sailed. Accept that your stage in life is a great place to be and move forward from there! 

  • Don’t Waste Energy on Recurring Decisions. One thing that makes millionaires and billionaires so efficient is that they have staff to do all of the small things they don’t have time for. You may not be ready to hire a full staff to pick up your dry-cleaning, but you can figure out ways to work more efficiently. One effective tactic is to avoid wasting energy on recurring decisions.

    Every day you will need to wear clothes, eat breakfast, etc. You just can’t avoid it. Or at least you shouldn’t! (Most people agree that wearing clothes and eating breakfast are very important parts of life.)

    Since you know that you need to do these things every day, why not limit the amount of thought you have to put into them? Follow the not-so-secret hack of Mark Zuckerberg and instill a “life uniform” into your world. Purchase identical shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, or whatever you wear. Just rotate them throughout the work week and you won’t have to spend any time deciding what you’ll wear that day.

    The same can be done for breakfast menus, dinner menus, and much more. Minimizing mental clutter can open up your mind to much more success and productivity.

  • Schedule Time to Think. If you’re constantly preoccupied with tasks, you may miss being able to engage your brain in deeper strategy and planning. Each year, Bill Gates sets aside a full week just for thinking. He uses this week to unplug and disengage from distractions so that he can think about the past year, examine what he has been doing, and consider how he wants the future to look.

  • Have Fun! If your goals toward success give you a feeling of dread, then you’re doing it wrong! As soon as your journey becomes emotionally weighty and taxing, you’re likely to get stuck. Lighten up, have a laugh, and find joy in the journey. The more fun you have, the more you’ll be motivated to pursue your dreams—and maybe even become that millionaire.

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