4 Tips to Release the Hold of Fear and Doubt

confidence self-care Jan 12, 2019

You want more than just the status quo from your life. So much more than just the bare minimum is available to you! You would love to reconnect with your passions, strengthen your relationships, develop you career, improve productivity and find a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life. 

  • But do you even dare to hope that those good things are possible
  • When you let yourself dream about having/doing more, does a little doubtful voice start creeping in to tell you that you don’t deserve it or will never attain it?

Now is the time to silence that voice of doubt and insecurity. It’s time to overcome those fears that are keeping you from your goals and dreams. In order to accomplish anything, you first need to believe that you can. When you dispel the myth that you aren’t “good enough” or you don’t “measure up”, then you’ll make a start toward clearing away the debris of doubt that is cluttering up your path toward success.

Doubts and fears are a waste of your emotional energy. They keep you so busy with uncertainty that you don’t have time to be successful. Working to overcome hesitations means embracing the fact that you are a valuable, capable human being.

Take away the power of those doubts that are standing in your way by engaging with these four best practices:

  1. Name your Doubts and Fears. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, “know yourself, know your enemy”. In other words, you need to be able recognize what is stopping you before you can overcome it. Take time to self-evaluate (without judgment) so that you can identify ways your negative self-talk is leading to self-doubt. Write down your doubts and uncertainties so that you can face them head-on. Once you name them, you can come to terms with them, and then you can then conquer them!
  2. Identify Your Strengths. When you understand what is holding you back, you can counteract your doubts and fears by naming your strengths. Working to be as unbiased as possible (no need to engage in false humility here) take some time to identify your gifts and strong suits. Be honest about what you are good at. It’s not bragging--it’s just a smart way to develop confidence and use your assets wisely.
  3. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation. Doubts and anxiety are typically based on future worries. By practicing meditation and mindfulness, you can transcend the moment, rise above circumstances, and see yourself and the situation from a positive perspective.
  4. Choose Your People.  Your outlook on life is directly influenced by the people around you. Sometimes you can’t control whether certain people are in your life. (You can try moving away from your slightly grumpy next-door neighbor, but you could end up living by Oscar the Grouch!) However, you can choose how much time you spend with certain people and how much you allow them to influence you. Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people when you can.

Take back the power from your doubts by identifying fears, leveraging your strengths, practicing mindfulness and choosing who you spend the most time with. You’ll be several steps further along the road toward unleashing yourself and freely living the life that you want.

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