Let the Loudest Voice You Hear Come from Passion, Purpose & Vision

Voices in our world today come in all shapes and sizes—and volumes. And the loud ones? Well, those certainly aren’t always the best ones! In fact, the loudest voices that you hear may be working against you and stealing away a great deal of your joy. Making conscious choices about what we choose to hear and do can change everything about the way we live our lives.

Where Do Loud Voices Come From?

Loud voices often come from the bullies in the room. Those people who have to rely on sheer volume in order to be heard may not actually be worth listening to! Maybe the loudest voices you are listening to come from famous or rich people from the internet or in your personal life. Loud voices may not even originate from an individual but from cultural norms and expectations and messages that you have believed.

Loud voices can also come from inside ourselves. These internal voices often originate in childhood—many times as a form self-protection or an attempt to act as a safeguard from something scary or dangerous. Usually these are not conscious, intentional thoughts but they come from deep inside yourself, often sending messages of fear, doubt and disbelief. So, what began as protection for a child can become an giant negative roadblock for an adult who is working hard to live out passion, purpose and vision!

The great news is that you have the volition to choose which voices you are going to listen to in your life. You can decide to pay more attention to the soft, wise voices instead of the bullies. You may have to strain to listen to them, but you can begin attuning your ‘ears’ to listen to the voices that tell you the truth. The voices that align with your passion, your purpose and your vision.

Deciding which voices you choose to listen to can take some effort, but it can make all the difference. Consider these tips on making the best voices the ones you’ll hear the loudest: 

Charisma and Volume Don’t Equal Truth.  

Just because someone sounds enthusiastic or convincing doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you. People who feel the pressure to convince you of their message likely have their own problems. 

Your Friends and Family May Be Biased.

While they love you, your friends and family may be biased. Consider a parent who doesn’t want the young adult to take the job promotion because it means moving across the country. Or the friend who would rather you didn’t date that guy because then you won’t have as much time to spend with her.

Stop to Observe.

Before you jump into doing everything that the loudest voices tell you to do, just stop for a minute. Listen. Observe. Think. Take some time to decide what’s right for you.

Trust Your Own Voice of Passion, Purpose and Vision.

With all of the loud voices that ring out in the world, you’ll have to home in carefully to listen to the right ones. Start by determining your passions, write them down, and then make sure every choice you make (every voice you listen to) aligns with moving you forward to live out your purpose and vision. 

What are the voices you are listening to?

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