Mindset Matters! The Choice is Yours

Every morning you get out of bed and make a decision about what you’re going to wear. Maybe, like Mark Zuckerberg, you don your “life uniform” of a grey t-shirt and blue jeans. Or maybe you’re more like Lady Gaga, choosing between dressing like a geisha, channeling your inner lightning bolt, or simply wrapping yourself in bacon for the day.

In the same way that you decide what to wear on the outside of your body each day, you also decide (with intention or by default) which mindset will drive your day. This choice that you make every day could make or break your ability to achieve your goals.

With decades of research under her belt, Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck ascertains that your mindset will predict your outcome. 

If your mindset it fixed and immoveable, you’ll fail and get stuck.  If your mind is geared toward flexibility and growth, you’ll move forward in life.

If you expect to fail, you will. 

But if you expect to succeed and learn and grow, you will! You may falter at times, but you’ll rebound, recover and grow from the experience.

When your mindset aligns with your passion and purpose, then your success will follow. Consider these factors that are included in the mindsets of successful people:

  • Clear Vision. Successful people know what they want. To be successful, set goals that will lead you in the right direction, and then work to achieve those goals. Don’t get sidetracked by secondary opportunities.  

  • Openness to Learning. Successful people know that achieving their goals means they have plenty to learn! In fact, the more you surround yourself with people who know stuff that you don’t, the more likely you are to succeed as you learn and grow.

  • Resilience. Even setbacks provide opportunities for successful people to learn, grow and develop. When you fall down, don’t stay there. Get up. Dust yourself off. Learn what you can. And then move forward toward your goals.

  • Eliminate Negativity. Successful people are the most positive people. This isn’t to say that positive thinking by itself will lead to a life of rainbows and roses. We all know that’s not true! But what is true is the fact that people who think more positively (with a dose of realism peppered in) are not limited in the same ways that negative people are. 

Thinking positively is actually good for you. It’s like eating your vegetables, only there’s no risk of having broccoli stuck in your teeth afterward.

According to researcher Barbara Frederickson, positive emotions stimulate creativity, provide opportunity for building new skills, and provide healthy opportunities to reach your goals. 

Gearing yourself up for success doesn’t mean waiting around for your boss to notice that you want a promotion. It means working hard and earning that promotion! 

A successful mindset is all about the choices you make. Every day, when you get dressed in the morning, consider what mindset you are going to wear. If you choose a mindset that has a clear vision, embraces resilience, is open to learning, and eliminates negativity, then you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

Hey—that success looks good on you!

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