How Creativity Leads to Success

Those who are caged in by barriers, walls and glass ceilings may find it difficult to ultimately reach their goals for success. While many people might not think about it this way, the most successful people are the ones who are able to spread their wings and fly. Flight is only possible to those willing to open their imaginations and think beyond the status quo.

Of course, in order for creativity to really lead toward success, it must be channeled into a focused effort that is in alignment with a clear vision and grounded in reality. If you aren’t sure about the connections between creativity and success, consider these ways that the creative mind can be used to open up the doors of success—however you choose to define success.

Creativity breeds innovation. Creativity allows ideas to take flight. Those approach life through a lens of curiosity think differently than those around them. Creatives aren’t satisfied with everything as it has always been. Rather than always following pre-paved paths, imaginative thinkers often look for options. For instance, “This is how we have always done it” becomes “Why do we do it that way? What might be another way to approach it?” And these kinds of curious questions breed innovation that begins movement on the path to success.

Creativity breaks down barriers. When you don’t have to fight against in-the-box thinking all the time, you can be flexible not only in your dreaming and planning, but also in keeping a solution focus. When situations in the professional world come up against barriers, use your flexibility and creativity to tear down walls and turn that “no” into a “yes.” Creativity allows flight beyond barriers and limitations.

Creativity fosters connection.  As you bring imagination and creativity into your work, you’ll often find that your work becomes more than simply punching a time clock. Creativity sparks passion and raises levels of enjoyment. When this happens, the personal connection to the work, project, or task becomes more fulfillment. This connection makes you more apt to give your best to whatever project you are working on….and have fun in the process! When you’ve invested yourself creatively, you’re less likely to give up on your dreams—which means you’re more likely to succeed.

Creativity promotes leadership. Leadership has nothing to do with an official role or job title. It is how you lead yourself and influence others. Fostering creativity can enhance how you impact your sphere of influence by finding unique ways to see and approach situations in ways that build relationships, brings fun, and raises the energy in yourself and others. The way you lead yourself earns you a seat at the table, a right for your voice to be heard, and ultimately build momentum on the road to success. Take the lead and create a life and career you love!

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