Want To Be Happy? Change Your Perspective!

mindset self-care Feb 09, 2019

Armed with the knowledge that happiness can be in an indicator of health, and health can predicate longevity, we would all be wise to consider ways we might be able to usher a bit more happiness into our lives!

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.
–Unknown Author

 Each day we can decide whether to see our circumstances as “ordeals or adventures”.

As difficulties or opportunities.

As problems or prospects.

Some people seem to naturally be more cynical/negative/unhappy than others. We have all met our share of grumpy-Ebenezer-Scrooge-types. Maybe you are one! These negative people, regardless of circumstances, seem to have a natural bent toward being more of an Eeyore than a Tigger. But even the deepest melancholy can often be overcome with positive thoughts.

If “look on the bright side” doesn’t chime with you at first, don’t be alarmed. You aren’t destined to fail at being happy. But you may have to work a bit at gaining a new perspective. 

Try these easy tips to make your day (and your life) happier:

  • Learn to Laugh! Did you know that taking yourself too seriously can be fatal? Okay, it probably won’t kill you right away, but it could shorten your lifespan. As it turns out, laughter is therapeutic. It can make you healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Watch a comedian. Read a joke-a-day. Watch a funny video. Take yourself and the world around you less seriously for a little while. Lighten up!

  • Assign More Weight to the Good Stuff. If the events of our lives could be quantified, we would likely find that we have more that is good than bad. The challenge is our perspective. We often assign bad things a heftier value than good things. Our brains tend to make negative events more memorable, running over them in our minds and allowing them to overshadow the positive things. Make a list of good things each day. Keep a journal. Count your blessings. Choosing to dwell on the good offers you an opportunity to shine a positive light on that dark, negative thinking.

  • Find Happy Friends. Being the only happy person in the room can be a huge burden. Shake off that burden and find yourself some positive people to hang out with. Likes often attract likes, so practice positive thinking immediately before a party or other social situation.  One 20-year, multigenerational study showed that people’s happiness is strongly influenced by the people surrounding them.  

  • Smile, Smile, Smile. You don’t have to smile only when you’re happy. You can be happy because you are smiling!

    It’s a case of deciding to be happy, whether you feel happy or not. Smiling (even the forced kind) can release feel-good hormones and add a whole host of happy feelings to your day. In fact, smiling creates a positively vicious cycle: You smile. You feel happier. And that makes you want to smile.

    Plus, everyone knows that smiling is contagious. When you smile, others are likely to smile back at you—even if they are grumpy. If you can work up the energy to start with a smile, you can cause a chain reaction that will not only benefit you, but will make the world a happier place overall.

Get into the groove just by thinking happier and acting happier. Soon, before you know it, you’ll actually BE happier!

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