Four Tips to Make Life Fulfilling

Life is too short to suck and is meant to be fulfilling. You can either get through the day or choose to live for the day. If you want to live a life that you really love, surround yourself with people who inspire greatness and bring out your very best. Instead of just maintaining status-quo, consider these four tips to make life fulfilling!

Stop being a nay-sayer. If you think and say that you can’t do something, you certainly will be right! Especially if you don’t even try. But if you spend your time aiming higher, gravitating toward the “yeses” instead of the “nos”, you’ll discover that you’re most often in a place of possibility instead of in a place of negativity.

Position yourself as a learner. Let’s face it—it’s great to feel like the smartest person in the room. Everyone likes to be an expert at some time or another. But, when you always position yourself in this way, you aren’t giving yourself much of an opportunity to learn. There’s always more in the world to learn, and taking on an attitude of humility will allow you to grab all of the opportunities you can to better yourself and grow into the future. 

Identify people who have qualities and skills you don’t.  When you’re ready to learn and grow, then you know you will be more fulfilled if you’ll put yourself in the proximity of people you can learn from. If you are already the greatest expert in your own field, then begin learning about something else—a hobby or a new field of study. Take a class. Join a cooperative group. Learn a skill that you didn’t know before. You’ll find that learning something new each day allows you to stretch and grow in ways you can’t imagine.

Even if you don’t necessarily have time right now to learn new skill, at the very least you can strike up a new friendship with a person who has qualities that you admire. When you’re around people with admirable qualities, you’re more likely to begin exhibiting those as well. And your new relationships can spur you on toward living a more fulfilling, abundant life.

Remove the negative influences in your life. Although we can’t always get rid of every difficult circumstance in our lives, we can certainly aim to make decisions that move in that direction. If your job is toxic, you can consider changing jobs. If the guy who runs your local bakery is unpleasant, you can choose to go to a different bakery.

But, many times, the negative influences in our lives come in the form of toxic family and friends.  Often, we wait around, merely dealing with people who drag us down and eagerly hoping that they will change. But, in the meantime, we often allow them to have the power to be destructive in our lives.

The good news is that you can take the power back. When you set boundaries with people in your life, sometimes going so far as having to cut them out completely, then you take the power back. When this happens, you’ll find that you have much more opportunity to meet and surround yourself with new people who are healthier and can pour into your life instead of sucking the life out of you.


You have the volition to decide how you are going to live your life today. What will you do today to make it better than yesterday?

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