Fixed Mindsets Don't Fix Anything

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.
–Marianne Williamson

Each and every day, in the small things as well as the big ones, you have opportunities to make choices that could change your life. And while some of what you achieve has to do with ability, much of the measure of success is related to your openness toward growth. It has everything to do with how willing you are to develop within a framework of flexibility while overcoming obstacles.

Having a fixed mindset really doesn’t help to fix anything. It just causes you to become stagnant and rigid. A fixed mindset keeps you tethered to old habits. A fixed mindset clouds and dulls your shine.

People with a Fixed Mindset:

  • Become rigid and static
  • tend to criticize anything that doesn’t go their way
  • see obstacles as threatening
  • shrink from challenges
  • miss opportunities
  • believe that they cannot change
  • are threatened by other successful people

But the amazing news is that the power to change your mindset is right in front of you! You can shift gears from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset simply by choosing to.  Go from stagnant-and-rigid to flexible-and-effective just by changing the way you think about, perceive, and respond to the world.

 A Person with a Growth Mindset:

  • understands
  • embraces challenges as opportunities for development
  • persists even when setbacks arise
  • moves forward on the journey
  • listens to constructive criticism and learn from it
  • is inspired by others’ successes

According to Carol Dweck, who spent more than 30 years researching why some people are successful and others aren’t, humans have the power to change their limiting beliefs. Because much of what you believe has the power to propel you forward—or prevent you from developing—you can set yourself up for success simply by changing your mindset.

Some people seem to believe that their life is like a poker game: they are dealt certain cards and they can’t do anything to change it. While it is true that certain people are born with advantages, what you are given at birth is just the beginning. It’s what you do with it that really counts.

Whether you’re aiming to prove yourself successful at work, in the classroom, in sports and hobbies, or in a relationship, the mindset you choose changes everything. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy to undo years of fixed thinking. But you can absolutely do it!

As you go through your day, consider these questions to evaluate whether you are functioning out of a fixed mindset or a growth mindset:

Am I willing to be uncomfortable in order to improve my performance?

Will I listen to criticism and try to develop, or reject it because I don’t like what is said?

How can I actually overcome my deficiencies instead of just hiding them?

What tools would help me with changing from rigidity into flexibility?

Am I surrounding myself with people who tell me “nice” things or who challenge me toward growth?

When I have a setback, how will I seek to convert it into an opportunity?

When your mindset is focused on flexibility and growth, your ability to respond to whatever life throws at you will always be an opportunity. Even when you make mistakes, you can learn, reset, and move forward again. A “Growth” mindset can “Fix” everything!

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