Clarity Is Important to Setting and Reaching Goals

goal setting Dec 08, 2018

Often, we long for something, but don’t know what it is. We dream our big dreams, but don’t know how to achieve them. Having a clear vision — clarity — is often difficult when it comes to deciding what we want in life. But it’s so vital to setting goals and achieving them!

Here are some ideas to help you get the clarity you need:

Put it down: Put your dream life on paper, but think ahead to the life you’d like to be living in five or 10 years. Is it filled with friends? Does it entail a partner or children? Do you see yourself reveling in being alone? What makes you happy? What do you visualize yourself doing — making music, teaching, brokering business deals or gardening? How would you like to make a living? How much of a living? Flesh out the dream with details. Do you want to live in a city, a small town or the country? Which region of the country or the world? 

Consider relationships: If it’s in your relationships with other people that you most want clarity, it might help to write yourself a letter. Tell yourself everything you need to hear. Trust that your intuition will help you sort out any tangles.

Narrow it down:Now that you’ve spent some time dreaming, make a list of your goals and attach a time frame to each. The act of writing goals is often the one thing that gives us most clarity. Be specific, and be realistic. It might be helpful to group them by time frame. For instance, some goals are long-term aspirations, but you need a short list of goals to get started right away. Consider that it’s often best to focus on one goal at a time. Review (and revise, if you’d like) these goals regularly.

Consider your resources:It’s time to look at yourself and list all the resources you bring to bear on your project, your life! Are you organized or distracted? Are you an excellent communicator? Are you good at logistics or best when you’re the visionary on a project? You may identify areas in which you’d like to improve, and that could be your goal for one season.

In this article, Deepak Chopra gives some Do’s and Don’ts  for those seeking clarity. They’re great suggestions, so why not give them a try?

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