Chasing Your Passion Like It's the Last Bus of the Night

Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.
–Terri Guillemets

If you’re a person who has ever relied on public transportation, then you know what it’s like to desperately need to catch a bus. Especially if it’s the last bus of the night! If you don’t get it? Well, you’ll be stuck in a place where you just don’t belong.

Sometimes, people wake up in the middle of their lives and wonder how we got to where they are. You might be asking yourself if you missed the bus—or got on the wrong bus. Chasing your passion is sort of like catching the “bus” of life. First, we need to make sure we know what our passions are (getting the right bus) and then we need to run to catch that bus!

Define Your Passions.

If you’re thinking that you’d love to chase your passions but you haven’t yet defined them, you’re certainly not alone. Many people have been living so long to please others that they may have completely forgotten who they really are and what they are all about.

Trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone is a great to discover what you really love. Whether it’s taking an art class, getting outdoors for a hike, or learning something new in academia, start searching for things that interest you and then try them out. If you don’t like it, then you’ve still learned something about yourself along the way. Whether it’s something you might want to do, become, or accomplish—you’ll know that you’ve found your passion when you discover something that makes you feel truly alive!

Head in the Right Direction.

Moving in the direction of your passions means that you get to work toward a goal that truly interests you. And that kind of work doesn’t feel like work at all! If what you are pursing always feels like a chore and never lights you up brightly, then you’re probably sitting on the wrong bus and headed in the wrong direction. But that’s okay too, because you can always re-route.

Enjoy the Moment.

Even in the midst of chasing down that last bus of the night, it’s good to also take time to enjoy today. This is especially true if your goals are all based on something you’ll achieve in the future. Each day, be sure to take time to enjoy the present moment you are in so you can appreciate the journey.

Set your Priorities.

Although I’d like to tell you that you can do everything, you would know I was lying. No one can do everything. That means, in order to chase down your passion, you need to make sure that the things you choose to do fall in line with your greatest passions, hopes, dreams and expectations. Saying yes to one thing probably means saying no to other things. And that’s okay, as long as you choose wisely and decide through your actions what your life is going to be about. 

The right bus is coming, and you don’t want to miss it!

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