A Bigger Purpose Makes Problems Smaller

He who has a “why” to live for can bear almost any “how”. –Friedrich Nietzsche

Have you ever met one of those people who is extremely passionate about what they do, even if the circumstances in which they do it aren’t the best? Sometimes we look at people who do the hard things and wonder how they do it. And the answer to the “how” is found in the “why”.

If you really want to know how someone does something (even the most difficult of things), you’ll need to look behind the scenes into the why. In order to truly understand, you’ll need to find out what motivates them—what they are passionate about. Because when passion turns into purpose, folks can be motivated to overcome almost any difficult circumstances in order to fulfill their purpose.

Nelson Mandela is an incredible example of a person who had a passion and a purpose, and these “whys” gave him motivation to live above his circumstances. This eventual president of South Africa fought battles and faced struggles of various kinds—including 27 years of harsh imprisonment for attempting to overthrow the corrupt apartheid government and bring freedom to his people. 

Even during the long years of unjust isolation, terrible conditions and poor health, Mandela continued to keep his passion and purpose firm. And the “why” of seeking to free his people became his motivation to overcome the painful “hows”. Mandela finally was able to help with negotiations to end apartheid and was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

 If you feel like your difficult circumstances are getting you down, then take some time to consider the “why” behind what you do. It will most surely allow you to find more depth of ability to handle the struggles of the “how”.

And if you aren’t sure that your life fits very well around your passion and purpose (your “whys), then maybe it’s time to do some reevaluating to determine if your life is even headed in the right direction.

Find Your Passion.

Passion works as the fuel to keep your life going. If you have yet to find your passion, you have some exciting times ahead of you! Identifying and living within your passion allows you to go from a ho-hum, boring life into a thrilling adventure where every day leads you closer to your dreams.

Develop Your Purpose.

When you know what you’re passionate about, it’s time to set goals that will take you closer to achieving success in the areas you choose. The trick is to make sure that the things you are doing with the day are leading you down the right path in order to fulfill your purpose. When your passion is known and your goals align with your purpose, you can really do almost anything!

Discover Your Motivation.

Once you’ve discovered your passion and carefully crafted your purpose, then you’ll find all of the motivation you need to overcome obstacles, face struggles, fight battles and ultimately live through the sometimes difficult “hows” in order to accomplish your “whys”.

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