Who Do You Think you Are?

Much more important than the expectations and opinions of others is understanding who you are. This is not about what your name is, what your job is or what your roles are in relationship to others. This is about being willing to look at yourself objectively, determine that you have value, and take a look at what your purpose is in life. This is about coming to terms with who you are—not who others think you are.

When you discover who you are, you can find freedom from the constraints of others’ opinions and expectations. You can discover wisdom that helps you make decisions on how to move forward. And you can experience less inner conflict as your actions match up more effectively with your identity.

But how can you find out exactly who you are?

Well, the simplest way is by walking down the path of self-reflection. For some people, this may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Many people avoid self-reflection because looking in that proverbial mirror might feel a bit painful. At first, you may not like what you see. But the good news is that you have the power to make choices and changes!

Taking time for self-reflection inevitably leads to self-knowledge. And self-knowledge can change everything about the way that you choose to live your life. You don’t need to be afraid.

Twenty Questions

Asking yourself the following questions may help you to find out more about who you are. Knowing who you are leads to knowing what you want—and then achieving it. It’s all part of discovering your passion, purpose and vision in life.

  • What is my personality like, in three words?
  • What are five of my most dominant interests?
  • Who is the person I admire most?
  • What do I admire most about that person?
  • What qualities does that person have the I would like to emulate
  • What is my favorite way to relax?
  • What activities do I enjoy most?
  • What am I most afraid of?
  • What excites me most?
  • What do I wish I could do more of?
  • Which parts of my life make me feel best about myself?
  • Which parts of my life make me feel the worst?
  • What habit would I most like to break?
  • What habit would I like to develop or grow?
  • What practical skills do I wish I hadHow could I begin to learn how to do those practical skills without fear?
  • What achievements, personality traits or parts of my character am I most proud of?
  • What would I like to achieve in the coming year?
  • In my old age, what memories would I want to have or what stories would I want to tell to the next generation?
  • If my life ended today, what would I regret having left undone?

Think about the answers to the questions and how they might motivate you to live each day and the sum-total of your life differently. Then move forward and begin practicing with purpose!

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