5 Small Changes That Can Lead to Big Gains

You don’t have to completely overhaul of your life in order to start fresh. Little changes can add up and have a huge impact on the way you experience life. In order to make progress, just take things one step at a time. To help you get started, here are five manageable tips to consider.  

Eat One Healthier Food Item. You may not be ready to overhaul your entire diet. But what about making a few small changes that develop into new habits? For instance, consider replacing one of your typical snacks with something healthier. Try buying a bag of baby carrots and hummus instead of that big bag of potato chips. You can take it even one step further by placing a sticky note in the cabinet where you normally keep the chips, telling yourself to look in the fridge for those carrots. Once this is a new habit, add in another change--like exchanging fruit for something filled with empty calories. Not only will you feel better, but you may even begin craving healthier foods.

Make Your Bed. If your home tends to be messy, do something big that can change the look of the room—like making your bed. This is especially easy in today’s world of fluffy comforters. The entire bed-making process can actually be finished in about three minutes. The results are that your whole bedroom will look less messy and it may inspire you to do some other tidying up as well.

Practice Giving. Most of the people in the western world who feel poor simply aren’t. In most situations, we have more than we need and might not even notice if we give a little something away. It doesn’t have to be a lot! Sometimes, the smallest gesture can have a huge impact in someone’s life. Donate $20 a month to a local charity or community resource. Clear out your coats and sweaters and donate them to a shelter.

Giving doesn’t have to be limited to tangible items. It could be the gift of time. Volunteer, spend time at the senior center, get involved in community service projects, or help your neighbors. No matter how you decide to start, you can stand just a bit taller or smile a bit bigger just knowing that you are making a difference.

Enjoy Art. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy but putting art in your home or office is a small thing you can to do to make a big difference. Any painting, drawing or sculpture that you enjoy looking at will do. Looking at art that makes you feel good can release uplifting chemicals into your brain and reduce stress. You can be just a bit healthier by adding beauty to your life in the form of art.

Buy a Reusable Water Bottle. Of course, you shouldn’t just buy a water bottle. You also need to fill it up (ideally with filtered tap water) and drink out of it. A lot. Many of our bodies are dehydrated because we simply aren’t drinking enough water. We can get tired, headachy and grumpy when we don’t drink enough. When you get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, you’ll not only have access to water when you need it (don’t wait until you feel thirsty!) but you’ll also be doing your part to keep from adding plastic to the landfills and oceans. It’s a doubly good small thing you can do to make a big difference.

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