Live & Lead As If Anything Is Possible

Naysayers are everywhere. All throughout time, people have been saying now and declaring things impossible. What’s exciting is when something that has been said to be impossible is eventually accomplished!

In 19thcentury Britain, it was believed that a human body could not withstand traveling at more than 30 miles per hour (the speed of a typical horse at the time) and would suffocate if a person rode any faster. Obviously with train, car, airplane and space travel, we know that this “impossibility” has become possible.

Computers in the 1940s weighed 15-20+ tons and the idea of a home computer seemed impossible. Today most of us carry tiny computers around in our pockets that allow us to instantly connect with people anywhere in the world.

Our lives are something akin to the Jetsons (although the flying cars are still to come!). For the people of the past, space travel and video phones were just fantasy. But someone had to believe the dream was possible and then work hard to accomplish it.

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something? If you let that type of talk keep you down, then you’re listening to the wrong people. Instead, let those nay-sayers give you even more motivation to try. (Think about how great it will feel to prove them wrong.) Seeking to turn the impossible into the possible is what accomplishing goals and succeeding in life is all about.

Start with Your Mindset

If you see things through the lens of your perceived limitations, then you will always be limited in scope and success. First, take the time to dream about what you would do if there were no limitations. Then, change your outlook—from one that says it can’t be done to one that looks at obstacles as something to be overcome.                              

Set Your Intentions with Your Mindset

Once you’ve changed your mindset toward looking at possibilities, you’ll begin making plans that will take you in the right direction. Even if you aren’t exactly sure how to get from point A to point Z, you can start by being intentional and moving in the right direction. If you have plans that are leading you in the wrong direction, you may need to re-route. Regularly evaluate your progress as you go to make sure you’re still heading where you want to go.

Align Your Actions

Once you’re re-set your mindset and then made a plan, your actions should follow along nicely. You may need to begin by creating new habits that fit within your daily life. You may even need to give up something in order to make room for the actions that will lead you toward your goal. Set aside distractions and give priority to what you really, truly want. Very soon you’ll find yourself meeting (and even exceeding!) your goals and dreams. All because you were willing to believe that anything is possible!

What “impossibilities” do you dream of? What obstacles are standing in your way? How can you change your thinking, set intentions and take action to overcome those obstacles?

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