How To Make Every Day Count

Have you ever considered the fact that you will never have today again? This day, once it’s finished, will simply be part of the past. For some people, this might be very good news. If today has been a challenging day for you, then you might be looking forward to its conclusion! But if you’re enjoying your day, then you may never want it to end.

In either case, today is really the only thing that you have power over. Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. So, what are you doing to make today count?!

Consider Your Attitude.

Sometimes just changing your mindset about your day can change everything else too. If you wake up in the morning with dread about what’s ahead, you’ll likely go through your day with an Eeyore-shaped dark cloud floating above you. On the other hand, even when you know that what you have to face might be difficult, you can still look for the silver linings. Changing your attitude can turn a day that had the potential to be terrible into something really very good.

Set Intention.

Getting the most out of each day requires the setting of intention. Many people look back at their lives and realize that they’ve just been drifting along, at the mercy of their circumstances. Practicing intentional living means that you know what you want, you set goals to move toward it, and you are intentional about achieving your goals.

Being intentional doesn’t have to be boring and serious, though. It can be loads of fun! You can be intentional about all kinds of things—like spending more time with your friends, relaxing, laughing more or pampering yourself. Setting the intention to enjoy life is a great use of today.

Practice Flexibility.

If you like to plan everything in your life down to the minute so that you can be in control of your life, chances are, your plans are often thwarted and you wind up feeling disappointed. Learning to roll with the punches and be flexible about the circumstances of your day can keep bad things from hi-jacking what would have otherwise have been great.

For instance, if there’s a delay on your train so that you’re going to get to work late and miss a meeting, you have the choice to be angry or productive. You can spend the entire hour of the delay fuming about how awful the situation is. Or, you can choose to bounce back quickly, accept the delay, and use your time wisely to update your calendar, make a phone call, or study those flashcards from the foreign language you’ve been learning. Be flexible!

Try Something New

One of the best ways to make today more interesting is to try something new. (Or at least make plans to do so.) Get out of your regular rut by checking out a new restaurant, taking a different route to work, walking through a new neighborhood, making a new friend or trying out a new recipe. When you move just a little bit out of your comfort zone, you’ll add new experiences to your life and your world will grow just a bit bigger. And that’s a great way to make each day count!

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