Aim High & Start Where You Are

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
–Tony Robbins

We all have dreams that we want to accomplish. Whether yours are along the lines of starting a business, losing weight, or learning how to juggle bowling pins, making your dreams into reality starts with many small steps in the right direction.

Aim High!

The beauty of dreams is that they come along with limitless possibilities. When you dream, you can fly. You can conquer the world! When you’re functioning in visionary mode, the sky’s the limit. Dream big. Aim high. Go for broke!

Setting those dreams into motion to become a reality, however, requires some feet-on-the-ground thinking. Honing your dreams into visions and attainable goals requires living in a bit more reality. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to fly (just ask the Wright brothers), but it does mean you need to begin from where you are—with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Start Where You Are

It may seem obvious, but some people try to make their beginning somewhere in the middle! If your starting point is based on wishful thinking rather than reality, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Be honest with yourself about where you are. Know yourself. Take your resources into consideration. Start where you are.

For instance, if you dream of starting a new business based entirely on babysitting pet snakes, then you will need to perform some research to find out if there is a need for snake-sitters in your area. This is not meant to kill your dreams, but it may require you to alter them a bit when you talk to your pet store owner and discover that he only knows of two people with pet snakes in your entire county. This might lead you to determine that dog-sitting is a more viable idea for a business. You’ve started where you are. 

Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Once you’ve decided that you’ll be dog-sitting, it’s time to set some goals that will help you build your business. Your long-term dream may be to own a kennel but you don’t have any property. Starting where you are, you’ll start by reaching out to potential clients and building a reputation. 90-day goals are perfect, so you may aim to have 6 new dog-sitting clients in the first 3 months.

Adjust as You Go Along

One great thing about using short term goals is that you can make adjustments when necessary. If your goal of 6 new dog clients in 90 days didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, then maybe you need to adjust for the next 90 days. But if business is booming and you’ve actually gleaned 12 new clients, this might change the way you were looking toward the future! That small business loan you were considering taking out for a property might come sooner than you had anticipated.

When you’re dreaming, aim high and consider how you would like your life to look in the future. Then, hunker down and figure out the steps you need to turn what feels like the impossible into the possible. Visualize what you want. Start where you are. Adjust as you go along. And move toward your goals one step at a time.

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